Do You Need a Christmas Light Installer?

We hang Christmas Lights on the upper Texas Gulf Coast. This area includes Jamaica Beach east to Gilchrist and as far north on the mainland as La Marque. We serve the entire Galveston County area.

We Do Everything So You Can Do Nothing At All

If you live in Galveston County or any nearby city or community and do not want to climb a ladder to the roof of your home which is very often on pilings, then cal us to do all the climbing and installation and take down of your Christmas Lighting. We will work with to create a lighting design you are happy with on a budget you can afford.

We will provide all the lighting, timers, extension cords and more as needed. Just give us a call or use the form to the right on this or any other page on this website to send us a request to get a FREE ESTIMATE.

Buy Your Own Lights And We Will Put Them Up For You

If you would like to purchase your own lights to save some money on installation we can also hang your lights. When putting up the home owners lights we ask that you test the lights prior to us arriving to install them. In addition you will also be responsible for all lighting clips, hangers, ground stakes, extension cords, timers, and any other device you wish to be installed. If you have yard art please determine where you would like to have it located in advance

Get Your Gutters Cleaned At The Same Time

It is suggested that you clean your gutters at least once per year and while having us out to install your Christmas or Holiday Lighting in the perfect time to have it done. You save money when you have multiple task completed on the same trip to your home.

So, if you have any handyman type services to be completed let us know in advance and we can gear up to do them while we are at your home putting up your festive Christmas Lighting.

We Put Up Christmas Lights

Our main service is putting up and taking down Christmas Lighting on residential and commercial buildings in and near to Galveston Texas. We also do hang lights for parties and events throughout the year in the same area.

We Take Down Christmas Lights

If for any reason that you are not able to remove your Christmas Lights after the holidays then give us a call and we will remove your lights from your home and get them ready for storage.

We Light Weddings

Call anytime during the year if you are having a wedding and we can provide string lighting. Christmas Lights are often used as string lighting for festive events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and religious ceremonies in various cultures. We can install lighted canopy, drapes, ground coverings, and more.

We Have Party Lights

Lighting your party or other festive event happens twelve months out of the year. If you are planning a birthday party, bar mitzvahs, graduation party, company party, anniversary party, or etc. Then give us a call and we can help you with the decorations to make it a success and memorable event.